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These photos depict my models in exotic clothing and/or against exotic backdrops that are meant to evoke fantasy heroines, warrior queens, and the like.  In most cases, I made the costumes and backdrops myself.
Women with chains, ropes, leather, and other fun stuff.
Fetish & Alt
Just plain beautiful, sexy women of all kinds.
Glamor & Beauty
Here are some examples of macro, or close-up, photography.

About me

There's not much to tell. I was a scientist for many years. I spent a lot of time taking pictures of cells through a microscope, then decided it would be more fun to take pictures of whole people instead of just their cells.

About this website

The people depicted on this website were over the age of 18 when their photos were taken.


This website does not routinely collect any identifying information other than IP address. If you fill out the modeling application form or other forms, the information submitted thereon will be not be shared with any outside entity.


Contact me at: customerservice_at_laidmore.com