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These photos depict my models in exotic clothing and/or against exotic backdrops that are meant to evoke fantasy heroines, warrior queens, and the like.  In most cases, I made the costumes and backdrops myself.
Women with chains, ropes, leather, and other fun stuff.
Fetish & Alt
Just plain beautiful, sexy women of all kinds.
Glamor & Beauty
Here are some examples of macro, or close-up, photography.

Date: Mar 6, 2011

Castle view

I made a new backdrop that resembles a castle window. It looks pretty good. And it looks even better when beautiful women wearing chainmail are perched on the window sill. I've had two gorgeous models recently who filled this role. Yulianna is a professional fashion model who enjoys modeling for art projects on the side. At 5'9" (175 cm), fitting the chainmail to her body required a few extra links. She is very creative and able to effortlessly come up with great poses. Look for her in the slideshow on the front page.

Victoria von Helkine is a stunning dark-haired beauty who looked fabulous in copper. I had tried to give my chainmail a lighter look by using a thinner set of links for the neck strap, but the strap kept popping open during the shoot as Victoria moved around. She handled the situation gracefully, but I'll be sure to use heavier links in the future. I placed a photo from Victoria's shoot in the heroines album. If you want to see more of her, she has a website.