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These photos depict my models in exotic clothing and/or against exotic backdrops that are meant to evoke fantasy heroines, warrior queens, and the like.  In most cases, I made the costumes and backdrops myself.
Women with chains, ropes, leather, and other fun stuff.
Fetish & Alt
Just plain beautiful, sexy women of all kinds.
Glamor & Beauty
Here are some examples of macro, or close-up, photography.

I am seeking models!

Contact me via the application page

General Information

What I am looking for:

  • Females, at least 18 years of age
  • Physically fit and attractive
  • Height is not a factor
  • Tattoos and piercings are OK (but not if we are doing bodypainting)
  • I love working with experienced models, but amateurs and first-timers with a professional outlook are also welcome
  • My studio is in the Chicago area, so you need to be, too!

How to prepare for the shoot:

The most important thing to bring is a positive attitude. Depending on the shoot, I will probably ask you to bring a selection of footwear (boots or sandals, usually), and I may ask for specific clothing items. I usually want a natural, unpretentious look, so don’t overdo your makeup. Be sure to bring a state-issued identity card (driver’s license) or passport to prove your age.

What to expect at the shoot:

First and foremost, expect to be treated courteously and professionally. You will have an opportunity to read the release form and discuss the shoot. We will take the photos, and if you are OK with how everything went, you can sign the release form and get paid. My studio shoots usually take about two hours. I am trying to incorporate more video into my work, usually in the form of "behind the scenes" video, so I may as your permission for this.

Your safety and comfort:

When meeting with an unfamiliar photographer for the first time, some models feel safer if they bring along a friend. This is acceptable, but make sure your friend understands that this is a paid gig and that he or she must not distract us while we work. Also, you can ask for a preliminary visit with me to discuss a shoot if this will make you more comfortable.


I believe models should get paid for what they do. I may not pay quite as much as some photographers do, but often those other guys want you to do things that are sexually very explicit. My pay rates are usually around $40 to $80 per hour, though I have paid more for experienced traveling models. With the economy as it is, getting good models is not too difficult, so I don't usually offer much more than this. I take into account the extent to which you come across as a professional, how closely your look matches what I am looking for in a shoot, and the difficulty of the shoot (messy shoots pay more). If requested, I will usually give a model two or three photos from a shoot for her to use for promotional purposes. If you want a large number of photos, we can discuss a TF arrangement.

Specific Shoot Ideas

I shoot in a variety of styles, mostly art nudes, glamor, and pinup. I dabble in light fetish work sometimes, but nothing too scary. Here are a couple of ideas I have for shoots. If any of them strike your fancy, let me know.

  • Chainmail outfits. A lot of the shoots I do these days involve exotic outfits, props, and backdrops that I make. Take a look at the "Heroines" album. I mostly aim for a primitive or medieval look.
  • Airbrush Bodypainting. I use safe, non-toxic, water soluble paint, formulated for bodypainting. My studio has a shower so you can clean up afterward. I also have some latex bodypaint, but haven't used it much.
  • Messy stuff. I have some ideas involving shaving cream, wet sand, and soap bubbles (not all at the same time!). Could be a lot of fun, if you don't mind getting messy.
  • Smashing things. I have a huge sledgehammer and lots of interesting things to smash. I'll have you wear safety goggles (but not much else) as you explore your destructive impulses.
  • Wire wrapping. I have thousands of feet of copper wire that I would like to wrap you with. This is not bondage - you would have freedom of movement. The wire would be wrapped around your limbs individually.
  • Non-studio shoots. I've been doing a little too much in-studio shooting lately. Do you know of any nifty places that would provide a good backdrop for a shoot? I am open to suggestions.