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These photos depict my models in exotic clothing and/or against exotic backdrops that are meant to evoke fantasy heroines, warrior queens, and the like.  In most cases, I made the costumes and backdrops myself.
Women with chains, ropes, leather, and other fun stuff.
Fetish & Alt
Just plain beautiful, sexy women of all kinds.
Glamor & Beauty
Here are some examples of macro, or close-up, photography.

I am mostly focused on my art these days, but I also provide the following services:

Portfolio development: I would be delighted to work with models on a TFCD basis. The exact terms are negotiable, but generally I will deliver 12 to 15 cropped and edited photos for each hour of shooting. I will work with you to get the types and styles of photos you need (headshots, casual, artistic, etc.). I will probably want to use some shots for my portfolio as well, or I may ask for a little of your time for some experimental shots of my own. Alternatively, you can pay me $100 per hour and then you can direct the shoot as you see fit and I will prepare all the photos for your exclusive use.

Portraits & photo sessions: For non-models who just want some professional photos. In studio: $120 per hour. On location: $140 per hour.

Website development: I can create a custom-designed website for you from the ground up using standard LAMP technologies. Not a cookie-cutter site, but a site made to your specifications. Costs vary depending on the details. Contact me for information.

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